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SharingTables KaieBird
SharingTables KaieBird

Creative coffee solutions for an unpredictable world. 

I'm a change maker, a

"coffee innovator",

with a mission to leave this industry better than I found it.

For me, that has already meant thinking creatively and

not being afraid to take calculated risks when it's called for.

That means studying the market and predicting trends before they materilize, but also being brave enough to be the first to step-in to the 'next big thing' coming. To be leaders of the new. 

This is the work I specialize in. 

I'm a "coffee unicorn", with years of experience, knowledge, and insight. Our old ways of doing things can't produce the worthwhile results you're looking to achieve. 

You hire me because thinking inside the box is no longer an option.


I work with you because I understand the potential to create something meaningful is worth both of our time. 


Let's find the right creative solution for your company today. 

For your company, or brand, to mean something and for people to respond to that innovative illumination.

To be the Leaders of this industry in a meaning,

impactful, lasting way. 

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