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SharingTables KaieBird
SharingTables KaieBird

Kaie Bird

Media + PR 


A woman with many tricks up her sleeve, Kaie does it all. She puts her heart into everything she does and wants to see this local coffee scene thrive.

Kaie was featured in Time Out Israel’s ‘6 Women in Coffee to Watch Out For’ Article’,

ארומה נשית: 6 נשים שקפה הוא הרבה יותר ממשקה עבורן.

"Kaie ‘Whodat’ Bird – בעלת עמוד המלצות על אוכל בפייסבוק SHARING TABLES, הוגת ומקימת רעיון הבריסטה דג’אם (תחרות כלל ארצית לציורים בקפה)." 


“Since there was no type of events happening or a scene started here in Israel, I’ve been able to really focus on setting up a nice foundation that places focus where I believe it should be: on the people, the coffee, and the community. That has been a real joy for me. To create a strong foundation with the focus starting from a foundation of quality and integrity at its heart. Through these events, the response of the local scene has been to embrace these events, regarding them with esteem.“


Our beautiful coffee community lifts one another up in the most surprising ways. Being interviewed himself, the cafe owner of Espresso Cultura-Specialty Coffee  Stanislav Bachev mentioned Kaie, while being celebrated for his own passion in recent print magazine of Forbes Bulgaria

“When Kaie Bird, the founder of the Tel Aviv coffee community, visits Sofia, she doesn't expect to find a place to offer her "the coffee she's been looking for for years." He finds it in Stan Bachev's bucket shop on 7 Saborna Street. The variety of flavors and notes such as blueberries, creamy strawberries and wine, as well as the pleasant conversations with Stan, impress Kaie. "This place is special, I have not found one anywhere else," she wrote on her website. It is mainly due to the owner of the coffee, his talent and his passion for coffee." (Quote translated from Cyrillic.)


Kaie’s most recent media adventure was being asked to participate in her first podcast recording in Feburary/March, before her first

'Trip to Origin' in Panama, 


10 Minutes With Kaie Bird, Barista Magazine Online 

"What excites me about this scene now is all the emerging barista talent coming up, hopefully soon becoming the new leadership charging the scene forward. It also seems like now more and more baristas are taking the lead themselves and doing events on their own, which is really rewarding to see happening. They are building on the new foundation and I couldn’t be more proud."

Meet the Members of Our 2019–2021 Editorial Advisory Board,

"Kaie Bird is the founder of Sharing Tables, and the organizer of the Israeli AeroPress Championship. Kaie Bird has been working for the past four years to establish a specialty-coffee community in Israel by bringing new events like barista throwdowns, coffee cuppings, and SCA trainings to the Tel Aviv community. The founder of Sharing Tables, Kaie is the organizer of the Israeli AeroPress Championship and has written about coffee in various magazines and blogs. She was recognized by Time Out Israel as one of “6 Women in Coffee to Watch Out For” in 2017, and was featured in the Hebrew AT Magazine article “Over A Cup of Coffee: Five Women Who Turned The Field Into Art” in 2018. She also organized the first Women In Coffee Forum last year in Tel Aviv."


Kaie’s most recent writing endeavor, to promote the growing specialty coffee scene here in Israel via a Field Report piece in Barista Magazine (Aug/ Sept Issue 2018)


“כמה דמויות מרתקות, שהקפה זורם בעורקיהן ומהווה שחקן ראשי בחייה”.

Honored again as one of Israel’s notable ‘Women in Coffee”, Kaie was featured in the articles appearing both in local AT Magazine and TimeOut Israel, in print and online. Elite Coffee also published the article on their coffee blog site. The article links appear below, 

SharingTables & 3Brewing Israeli Aeropress Event Write-Up, 

שיעור קפה מפולנייה

בסוף השבוע התקיימה אליפות ישראל השנייה לאירופרס, והזוכה הגדול בה יטוס לייצג את ישראל באליפות העולם בסידני, אוסטרליה. את התחרות ארגנה חברת 3brewing, בבעלות אנדריי וייצמן, אורי קטן וקיי בירד, ששמה לעצמה מטרה לקדם את תרבות קפה הגורמה בישראל, יחד עם חברת קפה לנדוור, בראשות המנכ"ל אורי פדרמן.

הבריסטה הפולנייה אגניישקה רוז'סקה, שקטפה את התואר אלופת העולם לבריסטות שהתקיימה ביוני האחרון, הגיעה ארצה במיוחד לכבוד האירוע כדי להעביר סדנאות קפה. את המקום הראשון בתחרות בארץ קטף שי בניאל, מנהל הדרכות קפה בשטראוס.

Kaie often helps international coffee folks find the goods locally, 

“I arrived in Tel Aviv with very little to no knowledge about the local specialty coffee scene and mostly relied on my friend Kaie Bird of Sharing Tables to point me in the direction of all the city’s best coffee bars."

Sharing Tables & 3Brewing Photo used for online article for World Aeropress '18

Articles about events Kaie produced as SharingTables + 3 Brewing, 

From Time Out Israel, 

2017 & Before, 

Articles about events Kaie produced as SharingTables, 

From Time Out Israel,

From Between The Lines, 

From I24News “Trending” Segment, Video: 


Kaie is looking forward to all the events and work ahead

with her SharingTables project and all future

collaborations & work.

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