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SharingTables Kaie Bird
SharingTables Kaie Bird


  Specialty Coffee Events  

Kaie Bird

Ongoing Projects

SharingTables Kaie Bird


  • Oatly, BMD Israel

  • Barista Magazine Advisory Board Member 2019-2021

  • 'I Am Not A Barista' Board Member


& 2016

March 31, Tel Aviv's First Barista Jam

at Loveat Habima Cafe, Tel Aviv 

July 14, Ice Cream & Coffee Social

at WeWork Sarona, Tel Aviv

December 22, Barista Jam II

at Nahat Cafe, Tel Aviv 


& 2017

March 5, Coffee and Food Pairing,

Coffee Education Class at Loveat Habima Cafe, Tel Aviv

March 8, Barista Jam III,

Purim + Int. Women's Day at WayCup Coffee, Tel Aviv

May 25, Intro to Aeropress,

Workshop: Learning How-To Brew Coffee w/ Aeropress

at Loveat Habima Cafe Tel Aviv

August 16, How To Brew:

Coffee Workshop (Hebrew) at Origem's Cafe, Tel Aviv

August 23, How To Brew:

Coffee Tasting Workshop (English) at Origem's Cafe, Tel Aviv

August 25, Something's Brewing in Tel Aviv

Aeropress Fundraiser Afternoon Party at CoffeeShop 51, Tel Aviv

August 31, Barista Jam IV,

Israel's 4th Barista Jam: Haifa Edition! 

at Aroma Germany Colony, Haifa

September 7, Israeli AeroPress Championship 2017, 

Israel's First Aeropress Coffee Championship

Special Guest Judge Jane Lash

at Loveat Habima Cafe, Tel Aviv

September 9, SCA Coffee Training with Jane Lash,

Public Coffee Cupping + SCA Certified 'Intro into Coffee' Course,

at Cafe Saga, Jaffa-Tel Aviv

October 1, Celebrate Coffee Day,

Celebrate International Coffee Day in Tel Aviv

November 11, Sharing is Caring: Cupping,

Coffee Social for Coffee Lovers: Cupping Tel Aviv & Amsterdam

at WayCup Mikveh, Tel Aviv

December 29, Something's Brewing in Tel Aviv,

Coffee Cupping + Brewing Party  at Cafe Saga, Tel Aviv

December 30, SCA Brewing Foundation with Jane Lash

SCA Coffee Traing and Certification Course, Tel Aviv


& 2018

March 5, קפה חובק עולם World Wide Coffee 12/02/18,

Coffee Education Class at  Aroma German Colony Cafe, Haifa

March 22, Barista Jam V,

TLV's Barista Jam V: Coffee Party for Baristas

at Cafelix Levinsky, Tel Aviv

June 12, Just Press It:

2018 Israeli Aeropress Championship Meeting

at CoffeeShop51, Tel Aviv

July 9, Home Barista Workshop:

Homemade Espresso Workshop for Home Baristas, Tel Aviv

August 20 - 22, Hosted Aga Rojewska in Israel

August 21, SCA Barista Skills Foundation Course w/ Aga Rojewska

Landwer Training Facility, Tel Aviv

August 21, A Night with Aga Rojewska + Friends at Citizen Garden

First Women in Coffee Panel + Discussion

at Citizen Cafe, Tel Aviv

August 22, Latte Art Workshop with Aga Rojewska,

Landwer Training Facility, Tel Aviv

August 23, 2018 Israeli AeroPress Championship,

Special Guest Judge Aga Rojewska 

at Landwer Cafe, Holon

August 24, SCA Brewing Foundation Course w/ Aga Rojewska,

Landwer Training Facility, Tel Aviv

August 27, Barista Skills II: Intermediate with Aga Rojewska,

Landwer Training Facility, Tel Aviv

September 27, CoffeeVine Cups Tel Aviv,

Special Guest The CoffeeVine's Alex Kitáin Cupping

at WayCup Mikveh Cafe, Tel Aviv

December 27, End-of-Year Coffee Social:

Cupping European Roasters at WayCup Mikveh Cafe, Tel Aviv


& 2019

April 10 , Cupping Россия:

Cupping Россия: Exploring Russia's Specialty Coffee Scene

at CoffeeShop51, Tel Aviv

May 23, Barista Jam VI,

TLV's Barista Jam VI: Coffee Party for Baristas

at WayCup Mikveh Cafe, Tel Aviv

August 29, Barista Jam VII

"Champions of Champions" Barista Jam VII

at CoffeeShop51 Sarona, Tel Aviv

September 7, Coffee Tasting Workshop

Co-Host,  Brewing Introduction, Cupping, Presentation

November 9, Cupping Israel in Warsaw, Poland:

Coffee Cupping w/Cophi & SharingTables

at Cophi Cafe, Warsaw, Poland


& 2020

Jan 2, "Stimuli",

Co-Hosting Event at WayCup Mikveh TLV

Jan 9, "Cupping Israel",

1st event inviting all Israeli Roasters to share coffee

in public cupping at Ada Hanina Cafe, TLV

Feburary- March, Trip to Origin: Panama.

Visting farms in Boquete and Volcán.

July 20,  'Only Way is Up' Podcast',

Featured as guest on this Israeli Startup Women-focused Podcast

October- Current:

Joined Oatly as Barista Market Developer, Israel.

Celebrating and lifting up coffee community through events with Oatly's support, among other fun job responsibilities. 

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