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Support local,

with sharingTables,

it's important for me to work with local artist & creatives when possible.

Below are some

of the past collaborations,

SharingTables KaieBird
Graphic Designer



Israeli Graphic Designer + Illustrator, based in TLV

Collab w/ Anat for ST logo & special event poster design.


Anat Pri-Tal
Local Artist

Amit Berman

Freelance Israeli Artist,

living now in Italia. 

Collab w/ Amit for the coffee portraits used in

website design artwork.


Amit Berman
Local Artist

Gyalene Torres


Barista + Artist based in INDIANAPOLIS, IN USA. Collab w/ Gyalene for About KaieWork with Me 

Artwork Portrait. 

Artist Colab
Local Artist

Sabrina Brugmann


AKA Sasa Elebea,

Feelance Israeli Artist.

Collab w/ Sabrina 

for 1st Israeli Aeropress Championship fundraiser artwork. 

artist colab sasa elebea
If you are a coffee creative, graphic designer, or artist and would like to collaborate, please reach out.
I'm always looking for new artist to
'brew up beauty' with for future projects. 
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