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SharingTables Kaie Bird

Kaie Bird,


SharingTables Kaie Bird

Her Story

In 2015, Kaie Bird saw an opportunity to build a new coffee community from scratch in Israel. One that would have a lasting impact and foster a contemporary model for a new leadership mentality locally. Kaie accomplished this by bringing new coffee events to Israel, aimed at bringing people together and giving Israel a strong international presence in the wider coffee world.

With her community's support, Kaie's past work has secured a new foundation for a community centered around sharing knowledge- based on a collaborative nature and is a space that's inclusive and welcoming for all. She introduced events like the barista jam, public cupping tastings, and produced a local coffee championship, giving Israel a place on a world coffee stage for first time in recent years. 

She plans to continue building up this flourishing community through her future work in coffee, ensuring the new leadership of specialty coffee in Israel is centered upon the ideal that our community is 'an open table that is inviting and is always one worth sharing'. 

Her Words

Coffee innovator, novel leadership, rebel, creative,

pioneer, compassionate, listener. 

Her Misson

Kaie's past and future work aims to

'Make Coffee Better' through four pillars:

Commnity + Collabroation + Education + Inclusion.

Mindful to create spaces during her events that are inviting and welcoming for everyone has always been a key motivation + goal. Other main intentions key to Kaie's work include, 

  • To support and mentor the new leadership coming up in our community,

  • Keep providing events that continue to grow established coffee community,

  • Help baristas grow in their profession & skills, 

  • Bring more international championships to Israel.

Her Work

Kaie's work focus ahead as a freelance consultant includes: event production, writer, food/product photographer, and media&pr marketing in our Specialty Coffee Industry. She's able to wear the many hats required- often unknown from planning stages- that these work projects require. 

SharingTables in Tel Aviv, Israel and beyond, since 2014.


"Sharing Tables"-בתל-אביב, בישראל ומעבר, מאז 2014

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